Thursday, May 12, 2005

Special Computer Software for teaching visually impaired children

Here is one of the features that special computer programs are using to allow the visually impaired children. Magnifying characters, high contrasting colors and a minimal background on the screen allow students with low vision to be able to use the computer as a learning tool as any other student. Also, keys with braille symbols are available on the keyboard. Another of these practical features is the voice activated typing option. It permits students to give directions to the computer and dictate the text to be typed if they are unable to see the characters on the keys. Posted by Hello

How do these special features help your visually impaired student?

  • The magnifying of the characters will enable your visually impaired student to "see" the content displayed on the screen. This way, it is possible for him or her to be able to use the computer as a learning tool like any other student.

  • The high contrasting colours of both characters and the background will enable you visually impaired student to be able to read and type more easily.

  • The empty appearance of the background will help your student to focus more easily on the important content instead of anything else. It is also easier on the eyes as they work hard enough to see the minimum without adding to it.

  • The braille or bigger characters on the keys of the keyboard is also a great feature that facilitate the typing of information for your visually impaired student.

  • The voice activated software is also a wonderful option that is made available to the visually impaired child that is unable to see the keys of the keyboard and does not read braille. This way, this student can still use the computer and enjoy its benefits. After all, being unable to see the keys or read the braille characters does not mean that your student is unable to see the content on the screen.