Tuesday, October 17, 2006

$23,000 gift to the visually impaired

After spending many years of her life volunteering for the Lynn Association for the Blind, Margaret Greehan said she wanted to do something more.

So the 90-year-old mother of seven decided to donate $23,000 to provide equipment and direct services to blind and visually impaired students of the Lynn Public Schools.

Greehan, the only surviving member of the association, felt there was no better place to give the money than to the schools.

"We thought it should go back to the community where it started from," Greehan's daughter Pam Ferebee said. "It was just an obvious choice to give it back to the school."

Ferebee said her father was a Massachusetts Commissioner for the Blind, and her mother took on the initiative to help. After the death of the other members, her mother remained the only one in charge of these funds.So after many years, they decided that giving to the kids was really the best way the money should be spent.

"It was so suited to what she has done," Ferebee said. "After all the people who donated to the association, we felt we should give it back."

Superintendent Nicholas Kostan said a gift such is a rarity to a public school system, and he is thrilled at the family's generosity,

"The Lynn School Department is very thankful for the very, very gracious donation," he said. "These funds will go a long way to enhance our Special Education program for vision impaired students in our school system."

Administrator of Special Education Cheryl Meninno said this is a wonderful way to help the SPED students to enjoy "the little things."

"We always do the best we can to provide for our students," she said. "I think this is going to give us the opportunity to give them the extra kinds of things that public schools can't normally provide."

Deputy Superintendent Jaye Warry also expressed her gratitude, saying that she's extremely grateful for the gift.

"We appreciate this very much," she told Greehan. "And I can guarantee this money will be put to good use."

"I appreciate doing it," Greehan said.

Greehan said she does not feel the need to be praised, and her daughter spoke of her modesty.

"She has done a lot for children throughout the years," she said. "She would dump out her wallet right now and give it to any child in need. It's just the way she is."


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