Friday, December 01, 2006

Gift ideas for the visually impaired

The Chautauqua Blind Association offers gift ideas for seniors and those with visual impairment. Practical gifts for people with declining vision:

- Phone with jumbo-sized buttons and memory
- Watches, wall clocks, alarm clocks, kitchen timers with large numbers
- Contrasting place mats (dark for light dishes or light for dark dishes)
- Super-jumbo playing cardsn Large-print books or calendar
- Large number remote control
- Subscription to a large-print magazine
- Magnifying mirror

- Improved lighting“Talking” gift items:

- Talking calculator
- Talking watch, clock or keychain
- Musical or talking toysn Computer software
- Talking outdoor thermometer

Homemade gifts:
- Large print pre-printed labels for kitchen items, such as spices or freezer bags
- Contrasting colored quilt or throw for the back of a favorite easy chair
- Personalized easy-to-read large print address book, phone directory or recipe book.

Assemble in page protectors and a decorated notebook.

Other useful items for entertaining or added safety:

- White railing inside or outside and grab bars
- Dark black flair pens
- Postage stamps or pre-stamped envelopes
- Cassette, CD or DVD player
- Favorite recorded music
- Fruit or other food basketn Ice grippers for shoes or boots
- Support cane with ice gripper
- Snow/ice melting substancen Smoke or carbon monoxide alarms
- Safety treads for stairs and outdoor mats
- Microwave oven with simple controls
- Radion Flashlight (rechargeable)
- Home fire extinguisher

Or give the gift of time. Consider tickets to an upcoming event or gift certificates to a favorite restaurant, with a promise that you will go with the person. Coupons for personal services may also be given to a loved one, including snow shoveling, lawn mowing, or for painting a room using contrasting color to outline doorframes and chair railings.

For the person who has everything, consider giving a charitable donation in their name.

The Chautauqua Blind Association is a United Way Agency located at 510 West Fifth St. in Jamestown.

To refer someone for vision rehabilitation services or for more information, call 664-6660.


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