Monday, March 26, 2007

The Web gives new options to the visually impaired

The Indonesian media has reported on several gory and shocking events in the last month. The story of a mother in Malang, East Java, driven by financial hardship to poison her four children before killing herself; and the shooting of a police commander in Semarang, Central Java, by a subordinate resisting a transfer are just two examples. The Jakarta Post asked some people what they thought about the state of Indonesian society.

Ingrid Esmeralda, 24, works for a private bank. She lives in Cempaka Putih, East Jakarta, with her family:

I think what's going on in Indonesia in general is affecting people. We are going through tough times and that can influence people's emotions.

Another thing is most Indonesians believe in mysticism. People are fooled by their emotions, they don't use logic.

A lack of education is part of the reason why Indonesians are not thinking straight. There are a lot of college graduates, but we can still question the quality of their education.

I think the cure for the situation we're in is proper education, of both a scientific and spiritual kind.
Obby, 29, works at a private bank in Central Jakarta. He lives in Ciledug, Tangerang:
I believe that many unsolved social problems are contributing to the sickness of our society.

Economic hardship, particularly high unemployment, has increases people's stress. The economic gap in our society is also important, and could lead to more crime and violence.

It's important the government provides more jobs and reduces that gap. That would bring down stress and stop our society from getting sicker.


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