Sunday, April 22, 2007

Safe technology adopted by public transportation system

Adopting the best of practices from around the world, it has been benchmarked to the Metro systems in Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Paris and Singapore. Abdulredha Abu Al Hassan, Director of Planning and Design, Rail Agency, RTA said: "Optimum care has been taken by the HQSE team to design the tunnel and station ventilations whereby the air quality is being tested using the most advanced technology to ensure that the air is clean and free from any dust or pollution.

Cooling systems for the station boxes have been designed and a special type of air conditioning will treat humidity, high temperatures, and other dusty weather conditions ensuring compliance with international standards." After in-depth studies plans are being put in place to deal with emergencies.

To ensure that all commuters, especially those with special needs, travel comfortably, trained wardens will direct and escort people wherever necessary. In support of its vision of providing 'Safe and Smooth' transport for all, the rail agency of the RTA, has developed a 'Barrier Free Access System' to make the Dubai Metro accessible to all regardless of physical impairment. Lifts will be available at station entrances, at concourses and platforms. The lifts will accommodate 17 people at all levels, and will have clear signage-both audio and visual.

All the Escalators will have warning signs, and directional indicator lights. Tactile Guidance Path laid on the floor will aid the visually impaired from the entrance to the platform. Wide fare gates and automatic fare collection systems will aid those wheel chair bound to commute easily. . Ticket counters will be within wheel chair reach and the windows will have speech holes, perforated glazing and voice amplifiers.

Platform screen doors (PSD) will have audible bleeps as the doors close to alarm those visually impaired and Light Emitting Diods (LED) signals will flash as the doors close for the hearing impaired, while flashing PSD lights will function to notify door failed warnings. Visual and audio announcements will be available inside the train with space and a hand rail for wheel chairs and while priority seats will be available for the elderly and impaired. Health, Quality, Safety and Environment (HQSE) OF Dubai Metro system is paramount.

It provides regular checks on the quality assurance of the design and construction activities to ensure compliance with International Standards and best practice. Other unique features of Dubai Metro include provision of air conditioning of all elevated railway station concourses and platforms, also provision of wash rooms and toilets in the station paid areas. To provide further comfort to passengers and station users all foot bridges will be air-conditioned and equipped with modern travellators.


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