Sunday, July 01, 2007

New organizer for the visually impaired

Because this innocuous-looking device happens to have features packed into it that open up a whole world of possibilities for the visually impaired. And that always manages to catch my attention because I firmly believe that technology can thrive only if it always keeps the needs of common users in perspective.

In that respect, the
Icon Mobile Manager from LevelStar scores well. It's a hand-held organizer (or PDA as you would call it) that accomplishes everything a normal PDA would do (calendar, address book, clock, word processor, calculator, voice recorder, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity) without a screen.

This Linux (oh, obviously) device has a 30gig hard drive that can store and play all audio, as well as an audio-based web browser plus email client. In addition, you could also plug the Icon into the Docking Station (sold separately) and connect to the Internet.
But be forewarned - all these features come at a pretty hefty price tag of $1,395. Shipping only in the United States.


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