Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cooking like the visually impaired

There are cookbooks, online recipes and of course, TV shows that help you become the next great chef, or at least pull off a great meal.

Now there a show that teaches people about cooking without looking.

Sabrina Deaton loves spending time with her son, Alexander. One of their favorite places to hang out is the kitchen. They crack open the eggs, cook the bacon and make sure all the ingredients are in place to cook one of their favorite dishes -- quiche. "He's often my helper at home," Deaton said.
Of course she enjoys her son's company, but there is something we didn't tell you about Deaton -- she is also visually impaired.

But just because she can't see much, doesn't mean she can't whip up a great meal. She dropped into the Center for the Visually Impaired to show off her culinary skills for the taping of a TV show called, "Cooking Without Looking."

"Just wanted to get that recipe out there and show everybody what blind people can do," Deaton said.

Many sighted people think those who are visually impaired can't do things like cooking, but there is a lot of new equipment that helps the blind.

"Through CVI, through the National Federation of the Blind, NFB Newsline, it gave me hope through my visual impairment. Made me realize I can still do all the things that I used to do, I just have to learn to do them differently," Deaton said.

All of these organizations provide services to the blind, helping people to gain their independence and know what options are available to them, despite their visual impairment -- such as cooking
Now in its second season, "Cooking Without Looking" only airs on a PBS in South Florida for now, but producers are trying to bring the show to the Central Florida area.


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