Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magazine in Braille

Most visually impaired persons have the same problems that they do not get quality study materials in Braille. For this reason they depend on the recorded version of the lessons. However, the recent launch of a periodical in Braille would definitely bring cheers for those visually impaired persons who have the passion for reading.

Salim Sheihkh, student at Xavier's says, "Such a periodical can be of great use in libraries. There are smaller
magazines in Braille kept here. But such a periodical will help access much more information."

This fortnightly named 'Sparshgyan' will be read by many blind people with their elevated heads. Lively fingers will do the reading, sincerely running through the dotted lines on white sheets of paper. The 100 page periodical will be distributed to all 79 schools for the visually impaired through out the state and the related institutions.

The editorial policy of the periodical ensures that the news content is poised. It covers various topics including current news, topics on sports, music,
literature and many more. The news published in the first issue reflects the policy: Anna Hazare gets important space to describe his plan to move forward the chief minister amid problems of the blind people. Just two days after its publication, 180 copies were purchased.

Parimala Bhatt, chairperson, Snehankit helpline for the visually handicapped, said, "Most of the time, one can not read out the news in detail. It is a great venture to enable the blind get to the heart of the matter. It is way to get acquainted with the national, local, political and social issues."
Many people, working with the blind persons, also see the periodical as a landmark in making literature in Braille.


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