Saturday, August 02, 2008

Company sponsors service dogs providers for the visually impaired

The web development company Abakus Solutions has provided the Malta Guide Dogs Foundation with a new website which has just been launched.The Malta Guide Dogs Foundation is a registered NGO with the aim of offering services to visually impaired persons and where most of the volunteers who work within the organisation have lost their sight themselves thus fully understand the needs of persons who like them have lost their sight.

The Malta Guide Dog Foundation has a proposed programme over five-years for the acquisition, training, supply and support of guide dogs for selected Maltese clients who are blind or visually impaired.The new website for the foundation was developed with such a target group in mind and thus offers high contrast and high visibility versions and was developed with great care in order to be compatible with software that aids accessibility such as screen readers.

The team at Abakus Solutions finds great satisfaction in helping non-profit organisations with a noble aim. Throughout the years that it has been in operation, Abakus Solutions has helped several organisations establish their online presence. The new website can be accessed at the web address;


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