Saturday, December 06, 2008

Special phone designed for the visually impaired

Touchscreen phones have been a thing that the visually impaired have been forced to live without for so long. Bruno Fosi has set out to change that for everyone with his new concept Silicon Touch iPhone case. This case is designed not to take away any of the iPhone’s basic functionality.

This Silicon Touch iPhone case works in tandem with and iPhone application to help the visually impaired feel the icons and what it is they are typing. One thing that we would never have even imagined in such a product is the multi-touch and gestures actually working with this accessory. We are told that multi-touch features will not be compromised.

There are also many nice features like text to speech and moon type tactile feedback. We hope that there will be high enough demand for this product to see it come to market. It looks like only time will tell.


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