Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cuba: Rehabilitation Program for the visually impaired

The number of the visually impaired people rehabilitated in Cuba has risen to 18,000, since the creation of the National Association for the Blind (ANCI) a little over three decades ago.

Among the aspects included in their training are the learning of Braille reading and writing, orientation in space and the use of canes, daily life activities, and occupational therapy.

ANCI has a National Rehabilitation Center -now about to undergo refurbishing-, in which over 1,600 people have studied.

Elementary rehabilitation areas and circles of areas of interest are also working in other territories, where the blind can learn basic techniques for their incorporation into society.

Likewise, the creation of rehab centers in communities in eastern Villa Clara and Santiago de Cuba provinces, financed by the Foundation for Latin America of the National Organization of Spanish Blind People has been planned.


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