Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quiz was a hit with the visually impaired!

The Blind Peoples Association experimented for the first time with a quiz for mentally challenged children as well as children with multiple disabilities on Friday. A wave of enthusiasm was seen among the 45 participants in the ages between 5 and 18 years.

There were nine teams each with five members. Questions were read out loud for those children who could hear and see. For those who could neither speak nor see, tactile stimulation was used. There were three rounds in all. The first round consisted of questions that were related to their curriculum, the second of general knowledge questions while the third on the monsoon season.

"Our main focus was to make these children realise they too, like any other normal child, can participate in a quiz and the response among them was amazing," says Vimal Thawani the organiser. "Making them participate in the quiz gives them a chance to feel important as well as focuses on how much the child knows," says Thawani.

The winners of the competition were Alay Patel, Mrunal Patel, Deep Trivedi and Hemang Mehta. Hemang says, "I had a lot of fun while taking part in the quiz, I found the questions very easy and I'm really glad my team won."


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