Sunday, December 13, 2009

World Disability Day

On World Disability Day, physically and mentally challenged students from across the district participated in a sport's event at Dadoji Konddeo Stadium. The event, which was graced by civic dignitaries, the district collector and other important persons, saw 651 students participating.

The events ranged from a 400-metre race to a chess competition, where visually impaired individuals participated. The enthusiasm of the students was overwhelming and those who witnessed the event were moved with the never-say-die spirit of the participants.

"The students set an example for all of us. Apart from the students from the schools, there were also several adults with disabilities who showed us that despite their difficulties, they are as good as anyone else. We were overwhelmed with the response as there were participants that had come from Dahanu as well," said Mary Ann Scott, one of the organisers of the event.

Scott adds that the TMC offered them the stadium as there were several participants. "The civic commissioner was very supportive of our endeavour and provided us the stadium for the day," she said.

In all, 16 schools for the mentally challenged, 18 schools for hearing impaired, two visually impaired schools and one physically handicapped school participated in the event.

The event opened with a march, which was followed with the singing of the National Anthem. Following this, the athletes took an oath before competing against each other.


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