Friday, June 09, 2006

Man ready to learn how to fix braille

Brunei Darussalam National Association of the Blind (BDNAB) has sent two of its members to attend a workshop in repairing the Braille in Kuala Lumpur.

They are Hj Asmat bin Pengarah Mukim Hj Naim, and Wan Ali Bin Wan Ibrahim as his escort. Hj Asmat will be the first visually impaired person from Brunei to attend the Braille repair and maintenance workshop.

He will then be able to assist in fixing brailles at various institutions in the country, and pass on his skills to his counterparts.

The workshop runs from May 29 to June 9. It aims to equip the visually impaired with the skill to repair the Braille and keep it in good condition. The Braille is a machine which helps the visually challenged by using a system of writing and printing. It has varied arrangements of raised dots representing letters and numerals identified by touch.

BDNAB joins the workshop because in Brunei there is no visually impaired individual who is officially certified to conduct the repairs and maintenance of the Braille.

After going through an assessment Awg Hj Asmat has proven that he has the ab;ity in this field. He needs to gain more exposure through this workshop to get a certification. He is poised to teach other fellow visually impaired mates on the skills and knowledge in repairing the Braille.

The workshop is organised by the Organisation for the Blind of Malaysia in cooperation with the Association of the Blind of India.

Royal Brunei Airlines has sponsored two return tickets to Kuala Lumpur for the two workshop participants. Jamary Danggat, President of BDNAB contributed to the story.


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