Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New minister is visually impaired

Former President of the Northern Council for the Disabled Elder Rudolph Hanna was deemed minister at the First Holiness Church of God convention celebration last month.

Though physically handicapped, Hanna never allowed his visual impairment to taint his quest on becoming a minister.

"I've always taken an active role in teaching the Bible, Sunday school and the gospel," said Hanna.
"However, it was the work within the infrastructure of the church that had led to my current role in the assembly."

Hanna, affectionately known as "Rudy" said he was decreed the title after long time service with the church.

Amazed, but not surprised at the ordination, Hanna said that the convention's overseer, Bishop Edward Missick and Lucile Woodside announced his title at the end of the convention's service.
"They gave me a certificate and a licence after seven months of being in the assembly of the church," he explained.

"And now that I am a minister, my main objective is to continue ministering the word of God."
Now a Sunday school superintendent, Hanna said that his visual impairment did not waiver the goals he had set for himself and for the church.

Hanna also added that he plans to go past his own disabilities with his new rank in the church.
"As an individual who is physically challenged, I plan to do all that I can do to minister the word of God in my church. I want to go above and beyond."

Blind since age 17, Hanna attended the school for the blind in Nassau before furthering his education in an academic institution in Canada where he studied business.

Hanna said that it was only through education and a strong relationship with God that his accomplishments surfaced in his life.

He said that with his new ordination as minister for the First Holiness Church of God, he hopes to be a role model for those with physical disabilities.

"I hope through this story, other blind persons would take the initiative to be educated," he advised.
"They can be more stronger in the job markets and through God they can direction on the path of life."


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