Sunday, April 22, 2007

Visually impaired teenager may have set Guinness skating record

A visually impaired boy in Indore has set a world record in skating by passing under a seven-and-a-half inch high ribbon.Thirteen-year-old, Indrapal Ahirwar, has been practising very hard for several months to achieve this goal and is ecstatic that he has emerged triumphant."It doesn't matter if God has not given me sight.

We are not lesser than normal people. As a matter of fact we are better than them. I want to become a skating coach when I grow up," said Indrapal, a class-four student of Helen Keller Shiksha Academy. Indrapal's coah, Naresh Parekh, who has been training blind students said that the boy has a promising talent."We have worked very hard to polish the skating skills of this child.

He has worked really hard. I teach other blind students as well but he's the best because of this flexibility and disciplined nature," Parekh said. Acknowledging the boy's effort, the Guinness Book of World Records has already called for a video clip of his performance.Indrapal's father works as a mason in New Delhi while his mother and four siblings live in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh. His parents sent him to the Indore school, since it provides free education to visually impaired.


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