Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visually impaired man receives special clock

Life just got a little bit easier for Walter Janes, originally of King’s Point, who is currently a resident at the Springdale Retirement Centre. Mr. Janes, 84, is visually impaired and was having difficulty telling time with a conventional wristwatch. Staff came up with an idea to help Mr. Janes by purchasing a watch for the visually impaired, which says the time out loud so Mr. Janes will always be able to tell what time it is.

Gerald Rideout, manager of the Springdale Retirement Centre said the idea came from the staff members themselves. “They noticed Mr. Janes was having some difficulty and they decided to raise the money for an appropriate CNIB watch for the visually impaired. All he needs to do is press a button and he can tell the time,” said Mr. Rideout.

On hand for the presentation, made Wednesday, May 9, were many of the staff who raised the money, Mr. Janes’ daughter Selma, his sons, Dennis and Wade, his sister Annie Chipp, Alice Arnes, a specialist for orientation and mobility and independent living skills with the CNIB in St. John’s who was at the retirement centre to provide Mr. Janes with a support cane, manager Gerald Rideout and owners, Ron and Jean Sheppard. Mr. Janes’ son Dennis said he thought the gift was excellent and that he highly recommends the retirement centre, noting how wonderful the staff have been to his father. Ms. Arns with the CNIB said Mr. Janes did really well with the cane she brought out to him and noted the watch was a common item for those who are visually impaired.

“It just makes life easier,” she said. “He can just press the button to find the time. It is also really good for him at night.” For his part, Mr. Janes’ jovial nature and good humour were on hand during the presentation. “They must think something of me,” he said with a chuckle.


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