Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rogers creates talking mobile phone for the visually impaired

Rogers Wireless has unveiled the new Nokia 6682RVA mobile phone that “talks” in order to accommodate the visually impaired.

The phone comes equipped with Nuance TALKS software that converts menus, insutrctions, and content displayed on the screen into audio output through the internal speaker or an optional wired or Bluetooth headset.

Available in English and French, the talking function provides audio feedback for sending and receiving e-mail and text messages as well. The voice synthesizer volume can be increased or decreased, as can be the speaking rate.

"As Canada's largest wireless carrier, Rogers Wireless continues to offer the latest innovations in mobile communications,” said John Boynton, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. “The 6682RVI levels the mobile playing field by giving our customers with vision loss the ability to independently access and interact with some of the most advanced wireless features and services available today,"

"CNIB applauds Rogers for its leadership in creating an accessible cell phone," added Jim Sanders, CNIB President & CEO. "Technology holds great potential in increasing independence for people with vision loss; however this potential is only realized if a product is accessible. Devices like this are invaluable for anyone, particularly seniors, who experience difficulty reading small print."

"We are pleased to be working with Rogers Wireless and the CNIB on such an important initiative," continued Paul Chapple, General Manager, Nokia Canada. "As a mobile phone manufacturer, we are committed to always keeping our customers connected, be it with friends, family or loved ones. A mobile phone that is accessible to consumers with vision loss is an important part of this commitment."

Customers can also enjoy status indicators for battery and network coverage; call log and phone directory management; calendar and notes; and customizable phone settings and profiles.
The Nokia 6682RVI is only available at or by calling 1-888-764-3772 or 1-888-ROGERS-2. It sells for $199 with a three-year term.


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