Sunday, April 22, 2007

The visually impaired now have a dating website!

All joking aside, a San Antonio-based Web site could give you the hookup on a great blind date.
The American Foundation for the Blind estimates there are currently 10 million blind people living in the United States, and it's believed that half of them have computers with access to the Internet. Those in search of love can now log onto a site created by a San Antonio man to find their match.
Dominic Carrejo was a basic trainee in his 20s planning a long future in the Army.

"I was running into things more. I was bumping into things below me," Carrejo said.

Carrejo developed an eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa, and his vision was deteriorating.
"I was in denial for quite a long time," he said. Eventually, Carrejo found love and married, but he noticed some of his blind friends were struggling.

"When I left Hawaii they were single. When I came back they were still single. And I thought I'd give them a hand," Carrejo said.

So, he created the Web site
Love is Blind.

"The attraction begins with appearance and right there a blind person can't see how attractive you are, that makes it a little harder with them," Carrejo said.

Those who aren't visually impaired are welcome as well. Every month the site has a featured member and clients can determine whether someone has what they're looking for in terms of love or marriage.

"If you're tired of relationships where you have a boyfriend who's always looking at other women, you might consider a blind person," Carrejo said.

So far the site has attracted clients from Canada and Australia.

"We have a woman who is a senator's aid. We have a 98-year-old woman looking for marriage," Carrejo said.

Although the name of the Web site is Love is Blind, the address is


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