Saturday, November 03, 2007

Manager of center for the visually was arrested for embezzlement!

Charlotte County sheriff’s detectives have arrested the office manager of a visually impaired center and the man’s roommate in connection with thefts totaling $14,000.According to the sheriff’s office:Mark Thomas Valade, 38, of 17990 Murdock Circle, was the office manager of Visually Impaired Persons, 22107 Elmira Blvd. in Port Charlotte.

Timothy Michael Conklin, 39, the roommate.Valade was charged with delivering controlled substance Oxycodone, forgery, uttering a false instrument, and two counts of grand theft. Conklin was charged with grand theft and possession of a controlled substance Oxycodone without a prescription. Both were taken to the Charlotte County Jail; bond on Valade was set at $15,000 and $5,000 for Conklin.VIP officials told detectives that Valade admitted that he made more than $4,000 in unlawful ATM transactions.

Valde stated Conklin told him he was in debt several thousand dollars from a drug dealer for heroin and other prescription drugs.To help his friend, Valade said he used the VIP ATM card and made several withdrawals.Valade also admitted to taking two VIP checks and writing them for $5,000 each, forging them with the VIP Executive Directors signature stamp and depositing them into his bank account.

During the interview, detectives took possession of seven Oxycodone pills found on Conklin’s bedroom dresser. Valade told detectives he gave Conklin several of his prescription Oxycodone pills.


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