Saturday, January 12, 2008

New book for the visually impaired is about Yoga

A do it yourself book on yoga for the visually-impaired has been written in Braille, but the language is Marathi.The writer Mangala Sarda is a yoga instructor with 10 years of experience working with the National Association for the Blind.Her book is an attempt to help her students, learn yogic postures better and to teach it to others like themselves.

''The instructions need to be simple so that they can grasp them. They need to follow my voice to do the exercises,'' said Mangala Sarda, Yoga Instructor.And so, she teaches yoga through reading sessions in a classroom setting. Theory is put to practice in pairs where one reads and the other performs.Sarda believes such interactive sessions lead to quicker learning.

And these students who work with heavy machinery at the NAB workshop say, the classes helps them to concentrate more on their work and keeps them energetic the entire day.''Learning Yoga has been made it easier due to the book,'' said a local. ''Yoga benefits me more than other exercises,'' said another.The book costs Rs 30 and can be bought through the National Association for the Blind.

It's the first book in the country written in Braille, which gives simple instructions on how to do yoga.Learning has no language barriers and this class proves that now about 100 centres of the NAB are going to use this book in order to teach yoga to their students.


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