Saturday, December 06, 2008

Talking ATMs for the visually impaired

TCF Bank launched a major initiative today to install hundreds of talking ATMs to aid vision-impaired customers nationwide in the next nine months. These speaking ATMs, which deliver audio information privately through any standard personal headset, make it possible for persons who are blind or who otherwise have difficulty reading an ATM screen to use the ATM independently.

The bank is working with the American Council of the Blind, and Equip for Equality to achieve its goal. The effort also includes TCF will enhanced current programs for communicating with customers with visual impairments. The financial institution will provide monthly bank statements for consumer accounts in Braille and large print, and will adopt a policy for ensuring effective communication of other banking documents.

“At TCF, our goal is to build trusting relationships with our customers and communities offering a suite of convenient products and services,” said Jason Korstange, Director of Corporate Communications. “As a Leader in Convenience Banking, we believe providing services such as Talking ATMs is an important step toward meeting the needs of customers with visual impairments.”


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