Friday, July 31, 2009

The story of visually impaired girl proved to be inspiring

The story of a girl who lost her eyesight at the age of six but never let go of hope through the years that saw her getting enrolled at the prestigious St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai so moved President Pratibha Patil that she decided she must meet this brave young woman.

Hailing her as a brave girl who fought her problems like a warrior — she lost her eyesight due to medical negligence — the President on Tuesday received the first copy of book What am I? that is based on the life of Siddhi Desai. The book is written by Vrinda Bhargava, a college teacher in Nashik.

“Earlier as the Social Welfare minister I had the opportunity to meet so many people in difficult situations, including many visually impaired persons, and that really made me wonder how these people managed. I even decided to blindfold myself for a day to feel what it must be for them and I could not manage beyond an hour. Imagine, how people without eyesight manage, what courage and hope reside in them. This girl and her mother’s incomparable and unflinching support is inspirational and I hope all girls and boys grow up with her kind of ambition, courage and hope. This girl may not have eyesight but she has vision and self-knowledge that many with eyesight lack. I am moved by her story,” President Patil said on the occasion. Siddhi Desai, who was also present on the occasion, doesn’t feel impaired by the loss of eyesight.


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