Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tamkeen Centre honoured visually impaired students

The ceremony which was held under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Al Karam, Secretary General of DEC and Director of "Tamkeen" Center was attended by the excelling students along with their friends, instructors and teachers of "Tamkeen" Center. In his congratulating speech, Dr. Abdullah Al Karam, said, 'We, at "Tamkeen" Center, have focused on the training and rehabilitation of the visually impaired.

We provide our ambitious students with the professional skills required to achieve the best results and make the best of all the provided opportunities.' '"Tamkeen" has enjoyed working with this excellent group of visually impaired students and has trained and provided them with the required skills to continue their education. They have proved to be a great success by intense study and focused training,' he added.

Additionally, Dr. Al Karam stressed on the importance of empowering the visually impaired with education, saying, 'The visually impaired have equal capabilities and potentials as their peers, if and when nurtured correctly; the visually impaired will become a productive member of the society. "Tamkeen" will continue its mission with these visually impaired students throughout their university education and career development to allow them to obtain the highest and best academic degrees.'

Dr. Al Karam concluded his speech to the honored students by saying, 'Your new stage in life has just begun; the high school certificate is your passport to the future which lies in the academic education. "Tamkeen" will continue its mission throughout your university education. Hence, your visual impairment should not become an obstacle in your future; it should rather motivate you to building a brighter future.'

On their part, Mohammed Rashed and Ahmad Rashed, of the honored students, expressed their great gratitude to "Tamkeen" Center for its advanced training and support for their studies. Mohammed Rashed said that "Tamkeen" initiative comes as part of efforts to provide assistance and support to the visually impaired through various services provided by the Center.

Ahmad Rashed highlighted the importance of "Tamkeen"'s training methods in motivating students, saying, 'the visually impaired owe this great opportunity of acquiring advanced training to "Tamkeen" Center. Tamken applies progressive training methods that have eliminated many of the difficulties before us.' At the end of the ceremony, the honored students thanked "Tamkeen"'s partners and staff for their commitment to support the student throughout their university studies. And they promised to devote their mind and energy for the coming phase of their lives in order to prove they are capable of being productive and creative despite of their disability.

Disability will not be a barrier in their future. "Tamkeen" provides facilities and services to vision impaired peoplepeople aiming at empowering them to optimize their independence and enhance the quality of their lives. Additionally, "Tamkeen" offers training, support, counseling and consultations to organizations to create meaningful job opportunities for them in the UAE. "Tamkeen" focuses on creating better awareness of the abilities of the vision impaired peoplewithin the community in order to provide better levels of cooperation between the two.


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