Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ultrasonic device help the visually impaired to "see" better!

The device actually assists blind and visually impaired persons to perceive their surroundings in the same way that a flashlight enables sighted people to see in the dark. By listening to the sounds produced by the device, blind and visually impaired users can determine not only the distance and location of an object, but can also learn about its features and achieve object recognition.

The system sports headphones providing audio feedback to the user. The pitch of the sounds changes proportionally as the user moves to indicate distance to the object being encountered. The system's accuracy ranges between 6 to 16 feet. 'With every introduction of a new technology, blind and visually impaired people move closer toward achieving total independence.

With such an ultrasonic device blind users can start seeing the world with sound', said Auda Hazeem, CEO of Nattiq Technologies. The device is available for demonstration at Nattiq's offices at Crystal Tower in Corniche Road in Sharjah's Buhaira area. Blind users from all over the Middle East region continue to visit Nattiq technologies in order to test the latest adaptive technology offerings. The ultrasonic device is expected to be one of their favorite items.


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