Saturday, December 01, 2007

Concert given to aid the visually impaired, in India

Doctors, members of service organisations and music lovers had gathered at Vani Mahal here on Sunday to do their bit for the visually impaired.

The Chennai Vision Charitable Trust, Rajan Eye Care Hospital, and Dasanjali presented ‘Two Eyes - One Music, a Kaleidoscope of Indian Music’, in aid of the Blind Free India Project.

Speaking at the event, U.S. Consul-General in Chennai David T. Hopper said much remained to be done in the area of health and eye care, particularly in rural areas.

He commended Rajan Eye Care Hospital for its initiative.

Medical director of Rajan Eye Care Hospital Mohan Rajan said the first phase of the project sought to cover 10 million people. India was among the countries with the largest population of visually impaired persons. “However, 80 to 90 per cent of this blindness is curable or reversible,” he said. Awareness and standardisation of healthcare were vital, he added.

The hospital also took tertiary eye care to the rural population through its vans equipped with sophisticated lasers. “We hope to reach out to more people through this,” he said.

Senior general physician K.S. Krishnagopal, who was the guest of honour on the occasion, said that not all sections of society had access to good healthcare therefore, such initiatives went a long way in ensuring that those living in rural areas had access to facilities that their urban counterparts enjoyed. He lauded Dr. Mohan Rajan’s team for its effort.

Wife of the Consul-General, Susan Hopper, and associate medical director of Rajan Eye Care Hospital Dr. Sujatha Mohan were also present.

A music programme showcasing different styles of Indian music followed.


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