Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas shopping for visually impaired children

Visually impaired kids got to go shopping Sunday without their parents around. It was part of an annual party sponsored by the Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children.

Makenna Lee was on a holiday shopping spree for her family. It was a special day for the seven year old, who's struggled with her sight since she was born.

"Her eyes move really fast and it's hard for her to focus on certain things," said Makenna's brother Jordan.

So Jordan helped Makeena with her shopping.

Throughout Westroads Mall on Sundady were shoppers just like Makenna. Visually impaired kids taking part in the "Ruth Sokolof Christmas Shopping Party". 150 children, armed with $100 dollars worth of mall cards. It was an opportunity for them to be more independent.

16-year-old Christine Ratz is counting down the days until she can give her parents their gift.

"It's like this week and then the 20th, 21st, and then going down, down," Christine said.

We caught up with Makenna, who found the perfect gift for her little brother.

"A flashlight and a train whistle," she said.

Two simple gifts, one special girl.

"She really inspires me because I know she's been through a lot, and she's probably one of my biggest heros because she's been through so much," said her brother.

Over 230 high school volunteers went shopping with the kids. They also got a special visit from Santa.

Reported by Chriss Knight,


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