Sunday, December 21, 2008

Digital is the way to go for the visually impaired

Adi Ismail, head of the education and development division at Jakarta’s Indonesian Associationfor the Visually Impaired (Pertuni), receives a call while operating a laptop during the launch of Pertuni’s website at the Jakarta Media Center on Monday.

The website is part of Pertuni Jakarta’s information and technology development programs, including training in computer skills for its members.

The website,, provides visually- impaired people with the opportunity tointeract with the public and assist them integrating into wider society.

The launch of the website heralded the introduction of Pertuni’s IT system, dubbed as the Information and Technology Access Program (PATI). PATI has provided computer training for 15of its members from the city’s five municipalities.

The program is expected to empower the visually impaired with the ability to access information technologies and aims to make their generation more computer-literate than those in the past.


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